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Manufacturing industry
Manufacturing industry
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In this channel we've gathered all those sales and marketing enthusiasts working in the Manufacturing industry.

  • Are you looking to learn how an expert in your field has implemented Pipedrive to solve the same challenges you are facing?
  • Do you want to ask specific sales and marketing questions to people working in your field?
  • Are you looking to share your own knowledge with others?

If one or all of the above is true, then this is the right channel for you!

BISON Support
Sales & Product Manager

What do you manufacture?

Hi all, just thought I would get this group going in the Pipedrive community by asking what you manufacture and where you're based.

We're a manufacturer of shipping container lifting & weighing equipment. Customers vary, but the majority are people who want to handle containers themselves - rather than bringing in cranes etc. We have a large range of products, with the latest offering in the video below.

We're heavy Pipedrive users, with 5 guys spread between our HQ in New Zealand, USA, and Europe. 

Would love to hear what you all manufacture!

We make beer!

Hi all, 

We make craft beer! 

Just joined this group. Our company is new to Pipedrive and we're loving it. We're based in beautiful Canmore, Alberta - in the Rocky Mountains. 

Always keen to learn how to leverage tools like Pipedrive  to help us be better at what we do.


Voted for Consultant / Outside provider

Wee are a small system integrator company based in London UK. Our mission is to help companies to get on board Pipedrive at its best. Migration and implementation projects are our main services.

Feel free to have a look on our website and if you like we can discuss, free of charge, of your requirements.

I wish you a great End of Year and an happy new one!