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Real Estate industry
Real Estate industry
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In this channel we've gathered all those sales and marketing enthusiasts working in the Real Estate industry.

  • Are you looking to learn how an expert in your field has implemented Pipedrive to solve the same challenges you are facing?
  • Do you want to ask specific sales and marketing questions to people working in your field?
  • Are you looking to share your own knowledge with others?

If one or all of the above is true, then this is the right channel for you!

Iztok replied 12 days ago

Workflow / Systems

Does anyone use Pipedrive Workflow or any third party app to manage deal flows for small (4 people) real estate teams?

Ideally, I am looking for a template so we can maximize Pipedrive right away.


Thanks in advance!!


Nirmal liked a reply 2 months ago

How does your pipeline look like?

Hi Real Estate experts!

With the recent release of the new leads inbox it could be a great time to review your main pipelines. 

Here's one below that one of our new customers has set up. Although every company process can be unique, what feedback do you have for her, how does yours look like and why have you set it up that way? 

Let's learn from each other and make our pipelines even better! 🚀

AutoBizBrokers liked 2 months ago

Automated work flows

Anyone have a template as to how they set up their automated workflows so it triggers the next steps in activities in each transaction? I'm trying to save time and not create them from scratch. Anyone have a photo they can share on each task, New lead, or when a deal is started? 

Mike followed 4 days ago

Lead entry process

I am a commercial agent. Many of my leads, the first initial contact is a phone call about one of my listings. Do you recommend entering the person as a Contact and create a Deal immediately, or add them as a Lead? I'm curious what people's work flows are around this.