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Real Estate industry
Real Estate industry
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Real estate teams

Is anyone willing to share how they arrange their real estate teams in Pipedrive, specifically how you allow a user access to one deal and at the same time record commission % to each agent privately? 

Create a property > set attributes (price, rooms) > Match with leads

Hi everyone,

I am a bit confused. I see Pipedrive being marketed as the best CRM for real estate professional and still after searching up and down here and elsewhere (really everywhere) I still can't find a clear (or even unclear) guide on how to let pipedrive execute the most basic function needed in this business: matching leads with the properties.

May be it's my fault...but can anyone point me in the right direction?



For a residential real estate brokerage firm, where would you organize properties?

Pipedrive for Real Estate Investors

Are there any real estate investors on this forum who buy then rehab and either sell or rent? Would like to share ideas on how to better utilize Pipedrive for my business, apps and automation, etc.