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Real Estate industry
Real Estate industry
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In this channel we've gathered all those sales and marketing enthusiasts working in the Real Estate industry.

  • Are you looking to learn how an expert in your field has implemented Pipedrive to solve the same challenges you are facing?
  • Do you want to ask specific sales and marketing questions to people working in your field?
  • Are you looking to share your own knowledge with others?

If one or all of the above is true, then this is the right channel for you!

James liked 22 days ago

Welcome to the Real Estate industry channel πŸš€ Share and learn! πŸš€

Hi all πŸ‘‹

In an attempt to get more value out of the community we've gathered members working in the same/similar industries in their own industry specific channels.

Certain generic business problems or Pipedrive setup questions can be similar across your industry. By adding you all into one channel we want to bring you all closer to others who may have already solved certain questions you and your team are dealing with.

In this channel you can connect with people from all over the world working in Sales or Marketing in the same industry as you do making it easier... (More)

Mike replied 22 days ago

Client Reporting

I am a commercial agent and organize my listings into deals. Is there a way to create a report of the activity inside the deal to send to my clients?

Alex replied a month ago

Organizing the contract negotiation process

I posted this recently in another category but go no responses. Let me know if anyone can help:

I've been using pipedrive for few months now. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to do this in pipedrive or if there is another app that I can use to keep track of contract negotiations.

For example, buyer offers $100, then seller counters $150, then buyer makes new counter of $125..... I'd like to have all the offers and counters side by side in chronological order. Its not only the price, but also the terms in each contract that... (More)