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Software, App Development industry
Software, App Development industry
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From Zero to Launch - How the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch 🚀 | September 8, 2021

Most product professionals will have to work with an existing product or a subsection of it. Launching a new product is an experience very few go through. Luckily, these days Pipedrive is going through a transition into a multi-product company to cater to the evolving needs of its customers. As a result, one of our product teams had the opportunity to take one product to the market from scratch.

If you are wondering how specific product roles like research, design, and product management work together and separately in their specialized roles to make that happen, then this event... (More)

📽️ From Zero to Launch - How the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch | September 8, 2021

If you couldn't make it to the live event or would like to rewatch, you can find below the full 'From Zero to Launch' product meetup. This is a unique opportunity to hear Krishna Panicker, Maria Lasprilla, Jana Waldschmidt and Agne Kinks share their stories on how the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch 🚀
Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

We want feedback to our new app, that tracks job changes and monitor emails

Hi Pipedrive community!

I would like to hear feedback on the app (, which I built as a fan of Pipedrive. I use Pipedrive for a long time and I decided to leverage the environment and start building features directly in the app.

WHY did we decide to develop it?

  • Turning contacts into fresh leads after job change – we have found out that people who love our products usually take it to a new company with almost no effort from our side. Low sales costs, no need to introduce features
  • Preventing churn – we like to keep track of... (More)
Kailas Panhalkar
Software Strategist & Digital Marketing Specialist

CRM software for the Mac

What are some top rated best CRM software for the Mac?