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Trade (Retail, Wholesale) industry
Trade (Retail, Wholesale) industry
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In this channel we've gathered all those sales and marketing enthusiasts working in the Trade (Retails, Wholesale) industry.

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Deals report with data of products in each deal

Hi, the company I work for sells products from different manufacturers, and we have goals set by each of these factories. That way, I need a deals report that allows me to view the name, quantity and unit value information for each product present in each deal in the pipeline.

At the moment, I have tried some solution with Zapier, but that solution depends on some trigger that I must indicate and each plan has a task limit.

As all the information is already in the pipedrive, the ideal would be to be able to export the report with these... (More)

Products & Price Lists

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has experience with, or a suggestion for, importing a product catalog that consists of hundreds to possibly thousand SKUs? i.e. Product #1- Product #100 and for each product there could be upto 50 variations. i.e. Product #1-Color A(SKU#1) through Product #1-Color Z(SKU#26) and so on. To add to the complexity, for each SKU there are upto 20 different "price lists" possible for each and every SKU. Any tips, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Prices of products

Hi everybody!

I have recently started using product feature and find it really good for the calculation and input of the deal value. We are selling solid wood panels for a furniture industry. The thing is that price of one m3 of the same product may differ very much for each customer, depending on different factors. I would like to somehow be able to look at each Product and to see what are the prices allocated for each customer. Pipedrive support says that there is no such possibility currently, that the only thing that you can see in the Product... (More)