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Workflow Automation beta-testing
Workflow Automation beta-testing
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  • Do you love our automations and would like to be on top of what's coming by helping us beta-test new versions? Then this is the place to be.
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Beta testers wanted for Revamped Workflow Automations (Advanced plan and higher)

⚠️ Update: Closed for new beta-testers



I’m inviting you to be part of a beta program, so that you have early access to the new Workflow Automation version!

Sneak peek below (wait for it…) : )

In the past months we have been working hard on a revamped Workflow Automation’s version that will support more advanced use cases, in order to make your life easier/more automated.

What would be expected of you:

  • Using the new version on regular basis so you can:
  • Identifying possible problems that need to be fixed;
  • Suggesting user experience improvements.

Of course... (More)

Leads in Workflow Automation: Let's beta-test it!

⚠️ Update: beta-testing finished, Leads in Workflow Automation are now live! 🚀 


Hey hey!

So, we're adding a much anticipated capability to both Leads inbox and Workflow Automation, which is to be able to automate your leads related tasks and connect them with your sales pipeline!

This lets you create workflows using Leads' triggers, conditions and actions. Of course, automation templates are available too, to help you get started  ; )

If you would like to beta test it, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks! : )

Olá! Gostaria de poder testar as novas automações.

Tal com o Marcelo avisou, gostava ajudar nas novas automações. As exsitentes de momento são limitadas para as nossas necessidades.

Olá! Gostaria de poder testar as novas automações.