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Workflow Automation beta-testing
Workflow Automation beta-testing
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Workflow Execution History/Log - Alpha testing [CONCLUDED]

Hey everyone! 

We're looking for alpha testers interested in understanding/troubleshooting their workflows' executions status, as we're working on a new feature that will show all Workflow Execution History/log! 

If you are interested in testing an initial version of this Execution history/log in your account, please let us know in this post's thread. We'll then enable it for you, plus share more details.

Automation - Execution log - Prototype testing

Hi everyone!

We are currently working on a log for Workflow Automation, in order to be able to check the status of an execution and troubleshoot it when something does not work as expected. 

We would really love to have your feedback about an initial prototype so that we make sure it covers your needs. 

If you are interested to test it out, please book a time here

P.S. - If you do not find a suitable time in the link, please let me know in the comments and I'll reach out. 

Thank you!

Executions visibility - Looking for your feedback!

Hi everyone! We are looking into how to make workflow executions visible, so that it is possible to understand the status, outcome and troubleshoot when something does not go according to expectations.

We would have to have your feedback! 

If are interested to share your ideas/insights about this topic, please book a time for next Friday here and help us shape the future solution.


Cascading updates with workflow

Changing owner on a deal you can use workflow to set the deal owner to also own the associated organisation and become owner of the one person associated with the deal. (See below)

But not the other way around, using changing the owner of an organisation to also own for example all open deals and all contacts associated with that organisation.

The missing piece here is that workflow can only work with "One" related item to change. A deal only has one organisation associate. An organisation can have many deals and also many contacts associated.  

Would be nice if workflow could manage this, and let you update all associated deals/contacts. (With the option to of course also use conditions, to for example only update open deals)