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Project management / Delivery management
Project management / Delivery management
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In here we have gathered community members and Pipedrive users that would like to help us shape the future of project management in Pipedrive. We are committed to understand your project management and delivery management pains in your day to day work and work on solving them.

Project Management

I'm sorry i just saw there anyway i can get access to the beta for project

Morten Sørensen
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Project insights and workload reporting

I've been closely following the development of the project module, and it's safe to say that I'm excited about the progress so far. However, I'm still curious about what the future brings in regards to a couple of features that are incredibly important for us:

  1. Adding projects to insights for progress reporting.
  2. Creating a workload report for all users assigned to open projects.

I apologise in advance is either has already been discussed and answered.

Josh Buesking
Business Owner - Software Enthusiast

Projects API

I am really liking the updates you guys have been pushing out.

What's the status of the API? I can't find any mention of it anywhere. I apologize if it has been discussed and I looked over it.

I currently use the main pipeline as a project manager and rely on moving stages to trigger automations using integromat/make.

Is an API going to be available early?

Release ETA?

What is the ETA on the Projects Module?  Looking at other resources but don't want to jump to something else if the release is relatively soon.  


Also will this module integrate with Happy Fox?