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Project management / Delivery management
Project management / Delivery management
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In here we have gathered community members and Pipedrive users that would like to help us shape the future of project management in Pipedrive. We are committed to understand your project management and delivery management pains in your day to day work and work on solving them.

Michael Fleury
Digital Transformation Consultant
Voted for Yes, that would help 👍

To complete my answer, it should be possible to find an email from a project but I don't see any need to link emails directly to the project.

Getting an error message

Good morning everyone. @Mike van der Valk , I am getting an error message when I try to access one of my projects. This happened after I added a new custom field to test. It seems like I can accsess the other projects just fine. The difference is that I have som tasks on the project I can't access.

See video: 

Time tracking tools research 🤓⏱

Do you have a need to track the specific time you spend working on certain tasks and projects?

I'm doing a little research to understand the need for a potential integration with time tracking tools like Toggle Track, Harvest, etc..

  1. Do you have a need for time tracking in Pipedrive?
  2. Why?
  3. Would you use it for after-sales project delivery (new projects area) or also for Sales deals and perhaps other stages in your workflow?

Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to becoming a little wiser from you all 😇🙏🏻