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Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
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🚫  This is a read-only channel, no questions please. 🚫  To post feedback or feature requests click here.

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  • Pipedrive uses research and beta-testing insights to continuously improve the products and features we offer and add new functionalities over time.
  • Beta testing is a great way to help shape Pipedrive's future offering!

Project Templates - looking for testers

Hello, Pipedrive community! 

We are working on improving Templates for the Projects Beta, and we are looking for a few participants to test one of our solutions during a call and to provide some feedback

Who are we looking for:

* You have the Projects beta activated on your account

* You use/would like to start using templates when setting up Projects

We are starting with the interviews tomorrow! If you would like to participate, please book a suitable time slot here

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Thank you,
Evelina and the Projects Team

Campaigns’ double opt-in requests feature is alive – testers wanted

Hello, dear Pipedrivers! 🤗

We have been working on a new double opt-in feature a.k.a confirmed opt-in / confirmed subscription, and during June 6th - 14th we would like to conduct a couple of interviews to get your feedback on the created solution.

Who we are looking for?

  • 3-4 volunteers
  • Users who are already familiar with or using the confirmed email subscription / double opt-in in their work
  • Users who are interested in using the confirmed email subscription / double opt-in feature in Pipedrive

What to expect?

  • You will explore the double opt-in solution and we will chat
  • Your time and effort will be compensated with a 30 $/€/£ Amazon gift card ❤️

How to enroll?

  • You can book a suitable time for a call via this link.

N.B. thanks in advance to those who have already shown interest in participating in the double opt-in product interview! 

Thank you and looking forward to talking to you! 😊

Aleksandrs & Margarita


New Deal Detail view - Beta testers wanted

Hello dear Pipedrivers 👋

We have been working on *improving our deal detail pages* in a number of ways and are now looking for volunteers to try it out and give us feedback on the new solution.

Update: Big thank you to everyone! We've had an unexpectedly high interest in the Beta. You can still enrol, but might get the new Beta experience later than 11 of July as we gradually keep increasing the rollout.

Who are we looking for:

  • Users who often work with deals and deal detail page
  • Users who are frequently using and editing deal detail view - using notes, attachments, email sync, marketplace apps, invoices or SmartDocs (you don’t need to be using all of these options)
  • You are using Pipedrive in English


What has changed:

  • Visual updates to the deal detail view (see the screenshot below for details)
  • Asynchronous loading for detail timeline, which will improve page load time
  • A number of under the hood technical improvements



How to enroll?
Just leave your email address to this Google Form.

When do I get it?
We are expecting to start rolling out the updates to Beta testers in mid-July.


Thank you! ☀️


[CLOSED] Workflow Automations: Please help us by filling this survey for research!

EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 


Dear Pipedrive Community,


We’re currently researching Workflow Automation’s improvements in Pipedrive.

This would impact the way you see and organize your automations on what could be a new Automation's Dashboard.

We are conducting research about this and we would like you to rate some needs showing on this short survey that shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute to fill.

Here’s the link -> 


Your feedback will help us and you a lot!


Thank you,

Patrícia Faria and VoC team