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Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
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🚫  This is a read-only channel, no questions please. 🚫  To post feedback or feature requests click here.

  • Pipedrive uses research and beta-testing insights to continuously improve the products and features we offer and add new functionalities over time.
  • Beta testing is a great way to help shape Pipedrive's future offering!
  • Click Join Channel to help Pipedrive research and beta-test specific topics and features. ↗️   

🙋 Now taking participants (live list):

Google Meet

Google Meet integration with Activities and Scheduler (BETA is closed)

Update (15.07): Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the BETA. We are excited to let you know that we are enabling the feature for all customers, so we're closing the BETA. Until next time! :)

Dear Community,

We're excited to let you know that we are opening up beta-rollout of the the Google Meet integration which has been one of the highly requested integrations here.

How to be part of the BETA?

  1. Comment below and we'll enable it for the company linked to your registered email address. We will reply to your comment when it's enabled.
  2. Once enabled,... (More)

Need to continue work after you close a deal? 🛠

Hi Pipedrivers!

Does your work end when a deal is won? Probably not!
Ever wished to continue work inside Pipedrive after winning a deal? Or perhaps you are already using workarounds to achieve this?

If you have tasks and projects to manage outside of the sales phase then we're working on the solution for you! 🚀

We haven't started development yet but join our closed community channel and check out the latest post there including a very very very first version draft of our prototype.

We're looking for your feedback, questions, comments to make sure that in the near future... (More)

Beta testers wanted: new version of Xero and Quickbooks integration

Hi everyone, 

We've been making some big improvements to the Invoicing integration features with Xero and Quickbooks, making it easier for you to create invoices using Pipedrive products, creating and linking contacts, and giving you the option to pull in aggregated info and invoices created in Xero or Quickbooks. 

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out this new version of the feature and provide us with feedback. Please drop us a line to to be included.

Looking forward to sharing this with you!