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Research and Beta testing
Research and Beta testing
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⚠️ This is a read-only channel, please don't post questions here. If you'd like to post feedback or feature requests, please do so here. Thank you! ⚠️ 

Join this group if you're available to occasionally help Pipedrive researchers, designers and product managers research and Beta test specific topics and features. These research and Beta test insights will be used to continuously improve the products and features Pipedrive offers and add new functionality over time. Beta testing is a great way to help the product grow in a direction you would like to see it grow.


Inês updated 2 days ago

Active Research Projects or Beta Testing

ilter liked 9 hours ago

Sales Documents + MS Word/OneDrive open for BETA testing in Advanced and above!

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that we are openly accepting beta testers for Sales Documents + MS Word/OneDrive for all companies in Advanced and above

📩 Please drop us a line to should you want to take part!


Paul replied 4 days ago

Is our current permissions and visibility setting not suiting your needs 100% at the moment?

Good news, we are planning to improve the permission & visibility but we need help from you. 🚀

We have some ideas on how the solution would be and we would like to map this with your current implementation to make sure we are covering all of your needs.

What do we need?

We need to identify your most complicated visibility groups & permission sets and map it out with our envisioned solution.

How do we want to do it?

Does your company have more than 7 layers of visibility groups and more than 4 permission sets then you are... (More)

Minhaz liked a day ago

Help us make Pipedrive search better.

Hi, I am Ambar, Product Manager at Pipedrive.


We are currently working on revamping search in Pipedrive and would like to know how you use PD search in your daily work . Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome. 


Our aim is to make more items in Pipedrive searchable, improve User Interface, potentially add some filters and ultimately make PD search more robust. 


You can comment here with your ideas or can schedule a video call with me until October 16th using this Scheduler link


Thank you so much in advance!