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Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
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🚫  This is a read-only channel, no questions please. 🚫  To post feedback or feature requests click here.

  • Pipedrive uses research and beta-testing insights to continuously improve the products and features we offer and add new functionalities over time.
  • Beta testing is a great way to help shape Pipedrive's future offering!
  • Click Join Channel to help Pipedrive research and beta-test specific topics and features. ↗️   

LIMITED spots: Sign up for the closed BETA of Project management 🚀

Join our community group here and find the latest post there to sign up for the BETA group. 

Today Pipedrive's focus ends with a won deal, tomorrow it won't anymore! We're working on a native solution for your after-sales project delivery right inside Pipedrive.

Making sure sales and delivery is always in sync ❤️

Lead to Deal insight.. is this happening?

Survey: Tell us what functionality is most important in our new project management area 🏗

As some of you know we're currently developing a new project management area in Pipedrive mainly focussed on continuing the tracking of your tasks, projects and delivery after your sales deal is closed.

To be able to better understand the priority of certain functionality in our upcoming project management solution I'd like to ask you to fill in a ~5 minute survey. This will help us understand the order of importance our customers see in certain functionality.

If interested. Please join our closed channel where you can find the survey and fill it in.

Thanks again for all your help... (More)

Share your Smart Docs success story with us!

Hi, community members! 

My name is Ksenia and I’m the product marketing manager responsible for Smart Docs at Pipedrive. 

To ensure that Smart Docs’ feature set is well understood by Pipedrive customers, we are looking for a company that is willing to share its Smart Docs usage as a case study to be featured on Pipedrive’s blog.

If you are interested, please send me a message to and mention your Pipedrive’s company name.