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Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
Research and Beta Testing [read-only]
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🚫 This is a read-only channel, please don't post questions here.🚫 To post feedback or feature requests use Feedback & Suggestions.


  • Click Join Channel ↗️ if you're available to occasionally help Pipedrive researchers, designers and product managers research and beta-test specific topics and features.
  • These research and beta test insights will be used to continuously improve the products and features Pipedrive offers and add new functionality over time.
  • Beta testing is a great way to help the product grow in a direction you would like to see it grow.

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Active Research Projects or Beta Testing

Almonzer EskandarPipedrive Employee
User Experience Product Manager @ Pipedrive

Deal/Organization/ us improve these views! | Deadline: 26 Feb

If you are a Pipedrive user, then you must have visited one of these views last time you logged in! 

How was your experience? what problems did you face? 

Tell us in the survey below and help us improve your experience with these views. 

Link to the survey

The survey is open until 26 of Feb


[CLOSED] Research: What do you value most and least in Pipedrive? | Deadline: Feb 24th, 2021

The survey was opened until Wednesday 24 Feb

Thank you for those that took part! :) 

Task/delivery/project management in Pipedrive.. need help?

"Edit: We've found enough people to interview, thank you all"


We are researching how we could help our customers better with managing their tasks/projects within Pipedrive. 🚀

Do you think we can do better in this regard and do you have 20-30 minutes to talk, then please book some time with me for next week via this link.

To follow our progress further join our closed community channel as well.

Talk soon 🙏 .