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Research and Beta testing
Research and Beta testing
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⚠️ This is a read-only channel, please don't post questions here. If you'd like to post feedback or feature requests, please do so here. Thank you! ⚠️ 

Join this group if you're available to occasionally help Pipedrive researchers, designers and product managers research and Beta test specific topics and features. These research and Beta test insights will be used to continuously improve the products and features Pipedrive offers and add new functionality over time. Beta testing is a great way to help the product grow in a direction you would like to see it grow.


David updated a day ago

Active Research Projects or Beta Testing

Jonathan replied 8 hours ago

Beta Test - Zoom Meetings Integration

Hello! Arseniy from Pipedrive is here!

I'm happy to announce the beta testing of Pipedrive and Zoom Integration.

What is available at the moment?

  • Scheduling Zoom meetings from Pipedrive linked to deals/contacts
  • Joining Zoom meeting with relevant deal context

What should I do to join beta testing?

Charlie followed 18 hours ago

Sales Documents + MS Word - Usability tests!

Usability tests - Want to try Sales Documents working with Microsoft Word and OneDrive?

Hi everyone!

We have been cooking new features to help you out closing deals faster by automating your quotes and proposals management.

After starting with Google Docs, we heard you!
We have recently added MS Word and OneDrive to it, and it is time for you to tell us if we are on the right track!

For that we have available prototype and live tests for this and next week!

Should you want to give it a try please pick a time from this calendar :)... (More)

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Jason Chagnon
President, Providentia Marketing

Replace Form Success Message with Page URL Redirect.

We would love to use the forms but we want to be able to redirect after form completion to a specific URL on our site. This is especially helpful for downloadable content after form completion, but it is also critical for goal tracking in Google Analytics. Thanks!