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Research and Beta testing
Research and Beta testing
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Join this group if you're available to occasionally help Pipedrive researchers, designers and product managers research and test specific topics and features. These research and test insights will be used to continuously improve the products and features Pipedrive offers and add new functionality over time.

David updated 6 days ago

Active Research Projects or Beta Testing

Adam replied 9 days ago
Nick Berry
Marketing Technologist

Activity notes from workflow automation

Are there any plans to add fields into the activity notes from a workflow automation?

Vincent replied a day ago

Test out user-experience improvements on the Calendar and Activities!

We invite you to test out improvements on the Calendar and Activity view. Please fill in your account name and registered email address on this form ->

What are the improvements?

  • Quickly access activity information on the calendar... (More)

Hey Tom,

Just FYI, this is the Research and Beta testing channel (announcements about new testing that Pipedrive offers). I would recommend posting these types of questions in a Channel like Sales Processes3.