At Outplay, we have seen the impact of cold emails on sales. After experimenting in every stage of the process our sales team follows a 4 pillar framework on how to approach cold emails that gets you replies.

The first step - Find out the correct recipients. Spraying your emails all over the emails will not give you results. Take time out to find out your ideal customer profile and then their valid email addresses. Check out voilanorbert, leadiq, salesintel or slintel to help you in this process. 

Second step - Research something on these recipients that they love. Check out their LinkedIn or Twitter posts and make notes. Sprinkle these nuggets while you cook up a compelling copy that is personalised to them. Personalisation at scale is tough though and outplayhq helps you do that (we natively integrate with Pipedrive).

Third step - If you make a cold email sequence in which you are a/b testing your emails and including smart follow-ups you are light years ahead of your competitors. Keep experimenting on your subject lines and copy. 

Videos embedded in your email really work well. Use vidyard and loom for that.

Humor can really work in your copies. 

Sending your emails according to your prospect time zone helps in increasing the open rates.

Fourth step - Analyse your email performance & choose the best performing sequence to optimize on further.

How do you guys approach cold emails?