Hi all. Have been on PD for about 6 weeks now. Still learning a lot. I'm more of the technical and fulfilment aspect to our digital agency so PD admin hat falls to me but I do sales as well.

Getting the wife to use all the features is a chore in itself. Like the calendar feature. I read back 3 months. Lots of great people sharing info in here. Going through the academy again as missed a few things.

Few questions:

  1. Working on integrating Woodpecker.co now. Anything better? We work with local businesses so finding emails online is difficult compared to say a startup or F5000. Lead Kahuna which I use finds info@ and catchalls. Having to call first for an email.
  2. I need a dialer along with SMS, suggestions? Highest rated on marketplace is Kixie, any good? Like being able to have local presence.
  3. More of a general question but right now we use the domain email while hosted on Namecheap. O365 or Gsuite? I am familiar with Gsuite since use for our cold emailing domain. What's best to integrate with PD and also get notifications of opens right away so can call a few minutes after? Plan is to cold email from a separate domain, once they respond set status to?? then also have the ability to track and notify of opens.
  4. Any other integrations that have been game changers for your org?

While we are growing and expanding we aren't flush with cash so I am balancing doing this myself vs. hiring a consultant/integrator. Have any experience here?

And forgot... Onboarding new sales reps. Do you do this custom in house or do you have them watch something online? Sure every company is different but to get the over all flow?