One of the better features of an old CRM tool (Top Producer - a real estate CRM) that I used was the ability to develop a series of follow up plans that could be applied to any lead / prospect after first contact.  It might involve some templated emails, scheduled phone calls and the like.  These would follow a program; for example after a proposal was sent:

  1. Day 2: Follow up call to prospect
  2. Day 4: Send follow up email 1 (specific scripted persoanlised message (template email) with some useful additional information)
  3. Day 7: Further Phone Call
  4. Day 14: Send follow up email 2 (specific, personal, something useful (template email 2))
  5. Day 21: etc

I would develop and apply 3 month, 6 month , 1 year plans to leads/prospects, the program might have 20 steps but I could apply them to individual prospects after the trigger event and these would run independent from one another, building an activity task list that could be addressed daily.

The real beauty of the system was that at the start of the day my dashboard would reflect that I needed to :

Make 8 phone calls,  send 25 emails etc and when it came to the emails I could simply select (all or specific prospects) and send the 25 emails (each with potentially different messages (utilising say 6 templates) and they would all go out at once and add a note to the contact history.

A terrific system when you can construct the key messages in the emails and follow a prescribed converion process.

Thoughts please..... . ?