So as I'm loading my contacts into Pipedrive, I'm having to scrub the lists to get the columns to match up. AbleBits is a LIFE SAVER for this.

Most of my contact lists have First_Name and Last_Name columns. AbleBits can concatenate them into a single Name field with a space in between first and last.

Same thing for addresses with city, state, and zip separate from the street_address field. It even provides for placing a comma and space in between the first line and the city, between city and state, etc.

GOT AN EMPLOYEE THAT LIKES TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS? No problem! It has a "proper capitalization" function that can make them all lower case, first letter capitalized, and probably lots more that I didn't use.

It can even de-dupe, though I haven't tried this function.

I am not a reseller, but this program has more than paid for itself, and I see it has 40% off. Maybe it can help you too.