I noticed a change in the behavior of how activity lists work.  It now seems to auto pop-up the next item in the list after you mark the previous one as Done.  My problem is that the information it pops up is incomplete for me to complete the activity.  For instance, for a Call activity, there is no phone number field in the activity for a call.  So I have to dismiss the current activity, go back to the list, click on the person's name, and use that screen to get the phone number.  So, it is really causing me extra work.


Here are some solutions:

1. add the persons phone fields and/or email fields to the activity and make these clickable to bring up the dialer, or

2.  just don't do this behavior.  It really doesn't help me as.

3. Make this a settings option for people that this might help


Perhaps I am getting this wrong and there is a setting to control this, but I haven't found it.