Would love to see a way to filter a Deal Timeline, not just by type (notes, emails, file, etc) but also by user, date, file size, etc.  This would make for an awesome search feature.

For example, I need to find a past action (lets say an old price quote) for a specific Enterprise opportunity (that can take over a year to close so there's a lot of history that results in a lot of entries in the timeline).  Since I know the person(s) who likely generated the quote for me and the file type (say .pdf), if I could apply filters on the timeline for "sent by John Doe, AND file type pdf", I could very quickly find the relevant file.


Today, I can click on the "Files" tab of the Deal Timeline to find a file, but it's very tedious

  1. There's a lot of garbage there (i.e., 1px image files from people's email signatures show up as files.).
  2. So, I can use the browsers "find in page" to search for the person's name... but, the person is often cc'd on a lot of emails and there's no way for me to search in the browser for just emails sent from that person.
  3. Or, I can search for a file type (.pdf)... but I may have a lot of .pdf files from various people attached to the thread.