Hello Community,

Everything NEW needs a bit of work. Hence I have a few suggestions which will likely improve users experience with Products adding to a deal process.

  • products do not appear in alphabetical order (I guess only in order they had been created) which is inconvenient when am prepping my budget because line items are allover the place at the moment besides that we have huge service offerings and all of them have variations too (am also not able to add everything right now because a lot of basic proposal features for example Date/Time/Duration/Note Field are missing which are product specific & I posted already about, and Yes I keep adding regularly new products
  • => it would be super handy to either customize the order of appearance or simply choose alphabetical order
  • often we need to provide multiple quotations for different scenarios and then client will choose their preferred direction for further customization; at this moment of time I need to make changes on all my products and need to do it allover again if client chooses other version = what could help here is having the option to add secondary stream of "add products to deal" and once client comes back to move forward with one option to simply delete or reject the other product line up and continue customization of the chosen proposal => pls consider multiple proposals streams

Maybe it would be a fantastic idea to ask the community in depth (I can share another dozen examples like above) on what they really need inside the Product Section / Adding products to Deal & Documents = we all have different needs of course but certain things need improvement to make sense for people to jump 100% onto pipedrive to replace old school software however as for example our existing proposal software cannot be replaced by what is on offer right now.

Many Thanks and Greetings