I have set up a custom field called POSTAL ADDRESS 

this would be used to send postage mail to contacts in Australia (via a 3rd party app yet to be discovered or built)

I'm currently using using the address field which autocompletes from google maps

the current issue is by using the pipedrive address custom field it: 

(a) often excludes the zipcode/postcode 

(b) always adds in the country 

(c) doesn't recognise PO Boxes 

the alternative would be to create a standard txt custom field for postal addresses but then there would be no way for a program to determine of an address, what is the street, postcode, zipcode


 is the only solution to post mail then to create 5 custom fields?:  






This then would allow for mailing systems to recognise the fields to be pushed onto a mailing letter software correctly.

Please I would like some help with workarounds and best way to handle this challenge.