Hey Pipedrivers,

I need to solve the following problem.

For the purpose of my job, I ask my customers questions about their vehicle fleet. They typically respond by saying this:

" we have 10 Vehicle A, bought in 2012, 3 Vehicle B, bought last year, ..."

I need to store this information into Pipedrive in a way that allows me to get an aggregate visibility across my customers' fleets.


I've thought about adding a Multiple Choice custom data field to the Organization card, but the MC can't handle additional info. Here's what I need:

Multiple choice + an integer + a comment


So for Company A I could have sth like

Fleet overview:

Toyota Yaris - 20 - mostly bought in 2015

Citroën 3DS - 2 - used by the 2 cofounders

Volkswagen Transporter - 4 - Two of them to be replaced by next year

I would then be able to check how many Toyota Yaris' etc. are owned by all my customers.


What do you suggest?


Thanks & regards!