For me to segment my audience based on location, regions, the number of employees and industry based on SIC or NAICS codes, being able to sync and integrate fields into a third party marketing software is fundamental to marketing strategy and targeting. Marketing Automation tools like HubSpot allow you to segment, target and communicate based on these variables.

But Pipedrive has advised the Smart Contact feature data is not stored in Pipedrive but only mirrored, meaning it can't be synced, and it can be used to create segments, lists and audiences (can't be exported either).

Salesforce (and other CRMs) allow integration with tools such as 118118, where you can record this information and map it into automation tools. It also allows me to segment, target and build localised and targeted campaigns - crucial for marketing success. For example, I am integrating Pipedrive with HubSpot, and my HubSpot data needs to be targeted to ensure we are talking to the right people in the right language at the right time and the correct industry-related solution. Without the Smart contact data sync, I can't see how that can be done without laborious manual work and finding/adding this data another way, which causes issues with data accuracy and validation.