I love the web forms feature because it allows us to get content into Pipedrive directly through a form on our website. BUT, what I don't love is that when you use the Option Label field, it doesn't alphabetize a list by the alternate text but instead uses the original Option text.

I'll give you an example. We have a form we use on our website here and one of the fields is "industry" where we allow respondents to select what industry their organization is in. However, since we're in Canada, we have to have all our forms in both English and French. This works fine for every other field except industry. When I put the French in the Optional Label to correspond with the English option, it continues to sort the list in English. As an example, the word "accounting" in English, is "comptabilite" in French. ย Obviously that will look funny, particularly for French speakers.

I had to create a new custom field for the industry list in French which isn't ideal because I now have two industry fields, one in English and one in French. I'd love the form to be able to sort by the Option Label when it's used. Click Like on this if you agree so that Pipedrive knows other users want this feature.ย