Good day @Nuno Oliveira 

I hope that you have enjoyed a good week. All is fine with us.

It has been a couple of months since our last interaction. I wish to document/update my comments related to automations.

1) The absence of date-based triggers is an obstacle that blocks sales to new customers with considerable frequency.

2) When jumping over one stage deal, Pipedrive triggers all the automations of the ''skipped'' stage. For many of our customers, skipping a stage explicitly means that those automations are not required/desirable. It must be possible to disable automations for a skipped stage.

3) Actions, automations and triggers can only be based on the single principal person associated to a deal. We need triggers, actions AND email-templates that involve other participants. 

Example 1:  changing into a stage is the trigger to send an email to someone other than the principal person (in our case, the referral source, to let them know that we were successful, and also to create a task to send a thank-you gift, etc etc).

Example 2:   Email templates, and the triggers that initiate them, must have access to non-primary-participant person AND organization fields.  It is currently possible to get non-primary deal participants included in email templates IFF we create Custom Fields that receive duplicate participant-information (usually cut&paste manually). No triggers/automation, but at least the template can be forced to be correct.  You will agree however that this is a labor-intensive workaround.  

Thank you for considering our comments. Have a good weekend.