Hello All! 

Once again, I am facing problems with automatitations. After more that 48hours waiting for a solution, nothing has being solved yet. This is what Tech? Support said: 

  1. There is a queue for tech enquires.
  2. They don´t know my position. Problaby I have thousands of enquires before.
  3. I ask for a refund, but not possible under the PD policy.

It is not the first time I have problems. Mostly, each individual automatitation I have created needs to reviewed by your technical engineers, after the mentioned thousands enquires... 

I am fed up of "be patient, we are trying our best, keep on mind that there a lot of technical issues around, etc, etc". 

Right now, I have 2 options: 

  1. Train my employees in how the automatitions works, so, when they fault, they know what to do "by hand", so we try to keep "alive" the automatition for the next next steps in the workflow.
  2. Forget about Pipedrive and try other options.

It seems, option 2 it is not possible. Well, is anyone willing to use my account? We can reach a deal. ;-) 

If not any other user wants to buy it, I will have to consider it a "lost investment". As I have always said, I like Pipedrive a lot, but unfornatelly tooooo many technical problems. 

Pipedrive, are you planning to solve this any day??????? 

I have two users advanced paid for one year.