Hi there,

I just found the new API-Endpoint for Lead creation, which is great! We waited for this for quite some time. 


There is just one issue:

Leads can only be created when the personId or organizationId is set. That makes the the use of the API with a contact form very difficult. We need to first create the person, wait for the response with the personId and then create the leads with the returned personId.

Another downside is, that the whole point of the leads inbox is to keep the data of pipedrive clean and not fill them invaluable data (too many irrelevant deals and person). When using the leads feature in the Pipedrive browser app, leads can be created without creating a person. However, we can still add contact information such as a name, telephone number and email to the lead.

When the lead looks promising, we can convert the contact information to a full person in the database with one click. This way our contact database keeps very clean. However, this is not possible when working with the API.

Please let us know if you plan on changing this. We would love an API Endpoint where we can create leads with contact information like in the webapp and convert them in persons when we think the person is valuable.