Hi, Please read it carefully. I am using Active Campaign and Pipedrive.  


I want to have an API communication between these applications.


I don't want to use any 3rd Party software like ( Zapier, integromate, etc.).  


So, here is what I want and how the communication needs to be done between these apps.  


Pushing Leads and deals from one app ( Active Campaign ) to other ( Pipedrive ) and for

pushing expired deals from (Pipedrive) into our marketing automation in (Active Campaign)


Both apps are Open API and already talk well to one another.  

The native API functions aren't quite enough for us though.  

We need better integration on things like pushing leads and deals from one app (AC) to the other (PD) and for pushing expired deals from PD into our marketing automation on AC. Please reply if you can help me with this.  


Here are the API documentation.  


Active Campaign: https://developers.activecampaign.com/reference


Pipedrive: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/




*Note: Please DM me, if you think you can help me with and we will discuss in details.