Each time an update comes out for the Pipedrive app the update repeats the same information. ...  I don't know what is new, I don't know what has changed (sometimes you mention something)  .. but most of the time you repeat the same information over and over again.. 

"Whats'  new with us? Why, thanks for asking! We've been busy making improvements to 

  • Focus, a one-stop overview of yo0ur dail schedule and important items

We build Pipedrive for you - yeah, you! So tell us what you love, or what needs work by leaving us a rating and review Thanks for making Pipedrive your sales tool of choice' 

Same basic message for a year or so (or so it feels) 

Just say 'Improvements/bugfixes'  .... Instead of me having to hit the 'more button on every update  so I can read your full update text ... only to find the same message for each update' ... I don't even bother updating half the time, or checking the update because you just say the same thing.  .... If it is going to be the same thing then just say improvements/bugfixes so I don't have to waste time hitting the 'more' button to view the same message. 

And seriously! ... re your current message  .. You really want me to leave you a review like this post on the App Store?  ... I rate you highly but I'm sorry, I don't piss about with platitudes when it comes to suggestions.  ... so leaving this feedback in your forum and not the apple app store.