Hi all

I'm looking to add an automated "Deal Score" field which depends on some user-entered custom fields. Not a very complicated process, but after a bit of digging, it doesn't seem like it is going to be possible without some sort of added webhook integration from another service. 

Essentially, I need to take a few fields which a user enters when they create a new "Deal" and calculate a "deal score" which is a weighted sum of these values. Some of the values have to be mapped from a text input to a predefined corresponding score number... so some "if" statement functionality would probably be necessary. 

I have created a basic setup using Zapier, which works, but I have a couple issues with it:

  • The membership for Zapier (including "paths", their strange version of 'if' statements which I need for the mappings) is expensive. And furthermore, I think it would only cover functionality for my account and not my team members.
  • I have found editing functions in Zapier to be quite a lengthily process 
  • The new "Deal Scores" do not get updated as instantly as I'd like them to (depending on internet connection)

Anyone know if there is a better way to do this? First prize would be to do it within Pipedrive. Second prize - another app which is cheaper/better that Zapier?

Thanks :)