Hello there,

[Feature Request], [Email Notification]


People following a deal, a contact, or a company should be able to receive email notifications when an email is received by one of the teammates.

At the moment, received (and 'shared') emails are only attached to a deal/contact/company but the rest of the team is not notified about them.

As the emails are shared and attached to a public deal I do not see any privacy issue here...


To better understand the request at hand, here are few scenarios:

- A client and a project manager are handling a (new) deal/project. The PM goes on vacation or is sick and a new PM takes over. As the client keeps sending emails to the usual (unavailable) PM, the new person needs to check manually (every 1h or so) whether the client has sent something or not.

- Let's say developers are involved in a deal and have an account on Pipedrive. As they are focused on other (technical) things they never check what's on Pipedrive. They will never get updates about a project/deal until an attentive project manager manually forward/tell them any info (such as new requirements, meeting notes, etc.).

- Another example would be when planing a crucial meeting with a customer. Early morning the whole team is setting up everything but, an hour before, the client cancels the appointment by email (sent to only one manager). If the manager does not check his/her emails early enough the complete squad is rushing and stressing about a meeting that will not happen anyway.


I do understand Pipedrive is not a Customer Support platform, but in so many cases this features is really important.

I strongly believe it would reduce the amount of work one has to do, bring more automation and increase transparency a lot.