All, I've been lobbying for a few months now for deep data enrichment. I'm not talking about bringing in 4-5 social data points like FullContact. Honestly, a lot of that data isn't very actionable.

.I'm talking about an integration like TowerData, Inc., which can append missing physical addresses based upon email addresses, or even missing email addresses based upon the name and physical address. Powerful stuff!

.They can also append data like household income, homeownership status (owning vs renting), types of products purchased, gender, date of birth, etc.

.I've spoken to Pipedrive folks about it, and I'm not sure how soon it's on the roadmap, but they at least agreed it would be useful. If they see there's lots of interest on here, they will know whether or not it makes sense to prioritize such an integration.

.AgileCRM has the integration, but it is just a plugin. No custom fields are populated, so no segmentation is possible based on this data. It needs to populate custom fields so that we can segment based on this data.

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