Currently, I'm sharing an Insights Dashboard of our national sales results via Public Link, via wall-mounted LCD screens at each of our 30+ sites.

A source of ongoing inconvenience is the 'Pipedrive - Try It Free' banner that is immovably embedded at the top of the display.

The Evil Banner of DOOOOM!
The Evil Banner of DOOOOM!

While most would view this as a minor annoyance, it has 3 negative impacts:

  1. It limits how much screen space is available for the actual Insights Dashboard itself - in our case, it pushes the bottom of the dashboard off the bottom of the screen.
  2. It means that relative proportions of the Reports as displayed when building your Dashboard(s) on the Insights screen in Pipedrive, are different than those displayed on a Public Link. They'd be correctly proportioned if only it wasn't for the banner taking up screen real-estate.
  3. Scrolling down to see all the Reports pushes your Dashboard Title underneath the Pipedrive banner - rendering it invisible - but then at next point of refresh, the scrolled area reverts to default positioning.
  4. just looks super unprofessional when you're trying to display a report across your business that not only has a big slab of screen space dedicated to the Pipedrive brand but also has a prominent button saying 'Try It Free'... this is an internally shared formal report, not some  freeware/advertorial.

Appreciate if this could be resolved. I'd understand it remaining for entry-level plans but for those on Professional or above it's highly incongruous.