Hey, Pipedrivers I would like some suggestions here and also discuss the way some of you manage DUPLICATES.

We have a client that created lots of duplicates, to be more exact 700+ only in one category!

Now comes the tricky part, Merging them 🤯!

Doing one by one is really a pain, and PD should develop a simpler way to manage large amounts of Duplicates. 
(Don't ask me how they got this much data duplicated, coz I asked myself the same question 🤔)

Now in the contacts view would be lovely if we could have a "FILTER" where we could only see the Duplicates that already exists in the Merging section.

It would be much easier to bulk edit data. 
Conditions should allow me to set up this in a way "excel" does. Having an = value in general not just to a specific work like the "contains" condition.

Or even in the "Merge Duplicates" page, it should allow us to Filter information better in there, where I could export the Duplicate data for example.   

Anyway, how many of you already had to deal with large Merging Duplicates?

@Mike van der Valk any tips on this one?  @Bernd Auer I know you might have some tricks under your sleeves? 

Happy Pipedays everyone!