With the old Nylas Cal sync, I was able to set up the cal sync config (shared below) to effectively do the following:

  • two-way sync for any activity that was created in Pipedrive
  • one-way sync for events that originated in Office365  (Office --> PD).

The benefit of this approach is that I don't have to manually enter/replicate Office365 events into PD.  And, I just have to delete the noise (random company event invites) out of PD.  Since those events are tagged as "Outlook" and I am NOT syncing the "Outlook" tag back to Office365 (notice the unchecked Outlook tag in the bottom section), a deletion or edit of an Office365 event doesn't propagate back.


BUG: This was working well for me until Pipedrive switched me to the new in-house Cal Sync.  Now, when I delete an activity in PD, it sends a cancellation to the people on the Office365 invite (BAD BUG). This means, if I delete an activity out of PD, every guest on that event gets a cancellation notice -- even though the event originated in Office365 (tagged with an "Outlook" tag) and I am not syncing PD changes back to Offce365 for "Outlook" tagged events.  Since I work for a large company, I now run the risk of email-bombing 1000's of people!

Is anyone else leveraging PD Cal Sync in this way and running into this bug? 

I have a support ticket on-going, but the rep is telling me that is expected behavior (though, I'm trying to explain that it's a bug -- PD should not be sending cancellation notices for activities I have tagged with "Outlook").

+@Mike van der Valk @Ricardo Varzea