Hi ! 

To bulk add activities to deals I currently have to export an excel and then re-import. The alternative would be creating an automation with a data field. Both of these seem like work arounds and can be time consuming.

 It would be great if when filtering deals using the list view, I could add an activity similar to how the bulk edit/mailing feature already works. 

e.g. I filter a group of deals, select the ones I wish to 'Edit' and have an option for 'Add activity'. 

 Use case examples: 

1. A new product becomes available, and I want to create an activity to contact all of the customers this would be relevant for. I can then have my sales team use an activity filter and track how many of these calls are complete, and by who. 

2. A group of customers in a particular pipe stage all need to provide new information about their booking with us. I want to bulk add an activity for them all so I can track who and when provides this. 

Thanks for consideration!