I'd like to request that we can set the "post-call" defaults. 
Post call we have to click multiple times, because the settings are always different than what we want. 

For example, post call we have to select the call outcome (which is fine), but then for some reason the box to update phone number is always checked - so we have to uncheck that, and by default the selection to make this call to be the next scheduled activity is always checked so we have to manually check the box to "Create a New Activity". That's a lot of clicking simply to end a call. 

I would like to request: 
(1) that the update a phone number option become smarter - so that I'm not asked to update the phone number just because my number is formatted 222-444-1234, and pipedrive prefers +12224441234. 
(2) that we have the choice to set default post call to "Create a new activity" so we don't overwrite existing and necessary tasks by mistake.