For the most part, I have really enjoyed working with Pipedrive for the past 6 years. I was so excited when I saw that they were coming out with the "Caller" feature a while back. However, after trying it out, I came to find out the following: 

a) Is not trackable like other VOIP caller functions. Example: I use RingCentral for calls right now, where my reps make their calls through that system, and log them in PD. However the recorded calls are not able to be automatically imported into deals so it takes management two steps instead of one. Also, with caller I'm not able to easily track how many calls each team member has made, the time they spend on the phone, etc. This is KEY for us, and I imagine just about everyone else out there that is managing teams that are using the systems.

b) At the time at least, maybe its changed, but I don't believe it worked for inbound calls. Not sure why it would not provide this service. 

These made me look into switching to SalesForce to avoid having to use two systems for this. I'd much prefer that PD just comes out with the applicable tracking and we could easily move to using the Caller feature and off of RingCentral. 

Anyone else experience similar things?