Hello everyone,

In my Android phone, I have set up the preference "Caller ID from incoming Calls" in my Pipedrive App,  to receive contact info from incoming calls.

When I receive an incoming phone call on my Android (OnePlus Nord), if my phone is unlocked I get that contact info.

However, if my phone is locked, I do not get any pipedrive info. This is very annoying because usually when I get an incoming call, my phone is locked; so the feature of Caller ID from incoming calls is kind of useless.

Just to be safe, I have removed the battery control from Android, so the app should not be getting killed in the background. 


  • Am I doing something wrong?
  • Are there any workarounds? Like using another system (I'd rather avoid a VoIP system)?
  • Would this work on iPhone?

Kind regards,

Inaki Crespo

Director of Product & Software @ kodit.io