I've played a bit with the Pipedrive calling feature in an attempt to better track and record outbound cold calls.

A couple of things stood out - maybe because there are things missing, likely because I am not using this feature correctly. 

1. First, there are calling types. While it says "User can record the result....Edit default outcomes or add your own".

I tried finding a way to EDIT the default outcomes and renaming them but there seems to be no way to do that, unless I am missing something.

2. When finishing and recording the outcome of the call, I cannot select a call type other than the standard "CALL".  In the activity reporting (ie in filtered lists) it shows as what seems to be the most recent activity type I created. 

I really don't like that. We have custom activity types for different calls (ie cold call, follow-up call) and I want to be able to select those when recording the call.

3. I cannot edit the call card from the PERSON card (no three dots) - so if I made a mistake selecting the wrong call outcome, for instance, I'm shit out of luck. 

What I can do is edit the NOTES of the call - but unless I add a note immediately on saving/closing, I cannot add a note afterwards.  I am not sure if that is by design but it seems to complete things for our users. 

4. I cannot seem to assign the call to a deal during or after.  It is automatically assigned to the person from where the call was initiated - or, if the call was initiated from the deal, it assigns the deal. But if I start from a person, I cannot link a deal at any point in this process - nor it it possible to edit the activity (see above) and do this afterwards. 

Is anyone using this feature and has figured this out? Or is is just not fully ready for primetime?