Good day / Bonjour fellow Canadian Pipedrive users!

Pipedrive has recently invested heavily in the establishment of a rich community environment for our mutual benefit, and here we all are in the new Pipedrive Community! I, for one, am very pleased with the new site.

From the outset, Pipedrive has been keen to encourage groups of users to congregate and support one another. To this end, we have created a Canadian PD user group and you are already a member!

We will be holding our first virtual "Town Hall" meeting next week, and we very much hope that you will attend this 45-minute event.

Zoom link to join: 

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Proposed Agenda:

00:00 - 07:00 Introductions and welcome (including three PD users)

07:00 - 12:00 How to use the new Community most effectively, and how to augment your own reputation here

12:00 - 17:00 Pipedrive's short term roadmap  

17:00 - 30:00 A "second - level" review of Pipedrive Automations. Learn how automations can add real value to your business.  

30:00 - 43:00 Ask the Expert: Questions and Answers to your Pipedrive questions  

43:00 - 45:00 Conclusion and plan for our second meeting, in June 2020  

The "featured item" at the 17-minute mark will be a discussion about Automations. The session will presume that you have "some" basic understanding of the role Automations play in the Pipedrive context. If you are not using Automations yet, we encourage you to please review the 30-minute video-tutorial available here (as well as others that are available).

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We are actively looking for three Pipedrive users in the Canadian Community who would be willing to introduce themselves at the beginning of the event and discuss the "what, how and why" of Pipedrive in their businesses. Interested in being featured? Reach out to for more information. It'll be very informal. Target 2 minutes to tell about yourself and your business .


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About your Moderator today:

@Joseph Valenti  is a Pipedrive user and reseller based in Toronto and Montreal. I have been invited to moderate and contribute to this virtual Town Hall meeting. Joe also runs BrokrBindr, a SaaS software product targeted at a narrow vertical in the financial services industry (mortgage brokers). BrokrBindr also has a webhook integration to Pipedrive, so we often recommend Pipedrive to BrokrBindr customers. Joe is indeed a Pipedrive superfan!


About our Pipedrive host:

@Mike van der Valk is a Pipedrive employee based in Talinn, Estonia. Mike is from the Netherlands originally, and has been with Pipedrive for 4,5 years. Prior to assuming a leadership role in the PD community, Mike started his career in support to become the first internal Pipedrive trainer. Focussing on getting customer facing teams up to speed with the product and the constant changes to best support our customers. Since late in 2019 Mike has been managing all Support, learning & community related projects in Pipedrive. Mike is focussed (and marginally obsessed!) with bringing the right knowledge to customers wishing to optimize the value available in Pipedrive.


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See the next post (link here), and vote to choose the one time this first event will take place. Majority rule on this one!  I am voting for Thursday!


Zoom link to join: