Outplay has raised 2 million dollars in seed funding from Sequoia.


For those who don’t know about Outplay, we provide businesses with a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize interactions between companies and their prospects across various channels. 

I remember getting actively involved in this community when it was launched. And now a year later, we are the highest rated Sales Engagement tool in the Pipedrive Marketplace, that our customers love!

Review of Outplay by a Pipedrive customer
Review of Outplay by a Pipedrive customer

I want to appreciate & spotlight @Mike van der Valk  & @Inês Batata  for your enthusiastic support. Pipedrive has been a great partner!

Come experience us, the first 14 days of your usage is on us  - https://outplayhq.com/