We started using Pipedrive in our small company with 5 employees a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely love it <3

Therefore I do not understand why the contact sync is so totally useless designed.

I undertand that a two way sync for all contacts will produce a lot of duplicates but a sync feature is useless when I am not able to see the conatcs of my colleague who is working on the same projects and products with the same contacts.

Please add the option to sync ALL Pipedrive contatcs in the one-way-sync. I don't really want to pay 10 bucks extra per user for piesync or any other third party tool.


by the way. I tried a workaround and messed up nearly 10 percent of my contacts till I stopped the sync. There should be a preview or a possibility to create a backup...


If I must rate: 

Every feature of Pipedrive 10/10

Contact sync (0/10)


Please help :)