Loving the new Leads tab - about time.  I was just about to create two pipelines to separate my sales function into warming up leads and those converting that warmed up lead into a client!

I have got hundreds, no probably thousands, of Deals that I want to move to be Leads.

I reached out to support and was told:

1-Export them all to an excel file.
2-Delete them from Pipedrive.
3-Re-import them to Pipedrive as Leads



This not only is a big job for me (which I don't have capacity do now - I need to be focussed), but it will also orphan any activities that sit against those Deals right now, which I would later have to manually link up - a huge task.

Could I therefore ask if the developers can create a "CONVERT TO LEAD" option - this would show up in the Deals list, and against an individual Deal.

It would not only convert the Deal to a Lead, but it would retain the activity against that Deal.