When using the "Multiple Options" or "Single Options" custom fields in PD, you create a predefined list of options that translates to a dropdown list on a person/deal/organization page. In the current build of PD, deleting an option from a custom field deletes that option from the drop down list as well as deleting all records of it.

It would be great if you could disable specific options in a custom field from appearing in the drop down list on a person/deal/organization page. This would allow a PD admin to "Archive" certain options. 

The main benefits are:

  1. Disabled options can't be selected moving forward - useful for when the option is no longer relevant
  2. Disabled options won't be deleted from PipeDrive entirely, you can still filter PD and search for people/deals/organizations that used the option when it was available even if you can't select the option currently/moving forward
  3. You could re-enable the option in the dropdown list if it becomes relevant, allowing you to tag new people/deals/organizations with that option