I'm unhappy to discover that reporting on custom fields is 'Professional' plan only?

Professionals features seem aimed at teams... But custom fields are a go-to solution for many - frankly - missing fields in Pipedrive, which relate to businesses of any size, including solo freelancers (like me).

It's annoying to have to create custom fields to run basic revenue-split reports - but it's even more frustrating to have to double the cost of my subscription to get any use out of these fields.

  • I've already added a custom field for 'channel' as I freelance with a few big agencies and want to track my revenue split across each agency.
  • I also want to track my revenue across countries, but there's no field for this (?!) so I added it as a custom field...

    ...and now I discover that running Insights for custom fields (IE. Anything outside the fairly limited range of fields that Pipedrive includes) requires me to double my subscription from £29 to £59/month.

Pretty brutal, given that all I'm trying to do is run basic reports to discover who pays my bills.