Hi everyone.Β 

Currently enjoying Pipedrive for my sales funnel and CRM. As far as People, I track my potential client contacts and have also recently entered my contractors as contacts, because I wanted to have them in there to add as resources on a deal. Now, I have a need that I could use a database for, but wondering if there is a way to use Custom Fields to accomplish the same thing within Pipedrive. Here is what I want to achieve:

My contractors have specific skills I use for my clients as well as industry experience that I tap into as well. Today when I have a client need for which I want to identify the right contractors for (don't laugh), I scan paper bios or do a search on the bio document for what I need. I hate it!

I believe if I add a custom field in PD for Industry Experience and for specific skill sets, it then shows up as a field for all People records. I am not aware of being able only to have those fields come up for a population for a specific contact type. Does that even matter? Just thinking that the contact form can get convoluted. My other option is to have someone build a database to house this info alone.

Thoughts and recommendations appreciated.