Hi there,

It would be fantastic if there was a mechanism to allow the Deal Value to be derived via calculation from the Unit Prices.

Currently, Pipedrive assumes that your Unit Prices are all billed on the same timeframe. However, in our business, we have products that are billed Weekly, Fortnightly, Every 4 Weeks, Monthly, and Annually. However, all 'Value' (insofar as measurement goes) is done on the net monthly value of a deal.

So an item that is billed weekly is worth 4.333x(on average) its Unit Price towards a salesperson's figures, whereas an item billed annually is only worth 0.083 its Unit Price toward that salesperson's figures.

The detail above isn't the important bit - what's missing is the ability to go 'take the Unit Price and multiply it by Conversion Factor to determine contribution towards Deal Value.'

This functionality is already working and viable using the PandaDoc integration (which we use) - but unfortunately this then leads to the Unit Values in Pipedrive needing to be different to those in the PandaDoc quote, because we can use actual Unit Values in PandaDoc and convert them via calculation, whereas in Pipedrive they need to be manually pre-calculated to allow us to accurately measure sales results.

Thanks for considering!