Hey everyone!

We're fairly new to Pipedrive and still in the earlier building stages before we go live.  We've been working on set-up and automation, but have been running into a snag.  

Our customer accounts order from us weekly, and I'm having trouble getting Deals to work in such a way (as they seem intent on "dropping off" after a deal has been Won or Lost).  Ultimately, we want a sales rep to see every Deal as one of their customers, and be able to see what stage that customer is in for that week (Contacted, Preordered new products, Placed an order, etc).  Then, at the end of the week the Deals would ideally refresh so our reps can start the next week ready to contact their customers all over again.

I'm hoping for some insight on how we can get our Deals to behave in such a fashion.  I've done a bit of experimentation in having Deals automatically set up an Activity for the following week after the customer places an order, but without much success.

Are there any resources that would point me in the right direction?  Surely, we can't be the only business that has recurring customer accounts that need to be contacted every week/month!