My request:

I wish we were given more control over which activities count as activities.

Specifically, I would like activities (lunches, calls, meetings, whatever) to trigger a reminder in the Activites tab ONLY if they were created from a deal's "Schedule next activity" menu.


Here's why:

I use my work GCalendar both for work and leisure.

As such, my calendar contains:

  •  work events I've created from my Gcalendar:"finalise report X";
  • work events I've created from Pipedrive, from the "Schedule next activity" menu: "call back customer Y next week";
  • work events I haven't created: my boss's "weekly catchup meeting";
  • private events I've created: "take kids to the doctor".

ALL these activities  show up as Activities in the Activities tab.

As a result, my Activities tab is swamped with lots of activites that I don't have to be reminded for ("take kids to the doctor").

However, I still want to SEE these activites from Pipedrive, otherwise I may suggest a timeslot for a customer meeting that's actually already booked for taking the kids to the doctor. So switching my Gcalendar > Pipedrive calendar to One-way syncing is not an option.