All, we are trying to automate our sales documentation, and are looking for a tool that can do the following:

  • Generate document sequences based on custom field values in Pipedrive Deals (for instance, if a Deal includes a trailer, include documents related to trailer registration)
  • Add and remove documents based on products added or removed (this would be a custom field value)
  • Required fields within these documents, which, if incomplete, will prevent winning a deal
  • Contact and Deal data merges onto document sequences to auto-complete them
  • Documents are available within Pipedrive, either through Chrome extension, or through URL in custom field or activity body
  • Document completion status, including e-signature, visible inside Pipedrive (again, could be a Chrome extension/side bar)

Looking at PandaDoc and GetAccept for this. So far, PandaDoc cannot change the document sequence once it is started, or at least their support team didn't think that was possible.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!