Hello. This is my first question in the community. I have not done much research yet,  so maybe some of you can offer up some input. 

I would like to begin offering up digital services as purchasable items in an online store. I need to decide the role that Pipedrive will play, and which e-commerce solution to go with. 

I use WordPress, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Pipedrive. Integration with Quickbooks is not a requirement, but Mailchimp does offer up some showcasing and automation capabilities that are pretty slick, so I like the idea of utilizing Mailchimp, as well. 

It might be best to use Mailchimp Landing Pages for the store as opposed to the WP sites. I just cringe at the idea of keeping Mailchimp and Pipedrive in sync when adding an e-commerce layer. Hard enough already without that complexity.

Appreciate any input you might have. Thanks.