We started more than a year ago with Pipedrive and made sure our guys connected their email accounts. 

Much has been said about the usefulness and technical reliability of the email implementation that Pipedrive has.

I'm more looking at the usefulness from a sales process perspective.

What I am seeing, though - is once you have a bit of email volume, the whole concept of syncing emails to the main person/organization/deal record becomes pretty useless. The volume is high over time, you're literally looking for one diamond in a valley of rocks.  On top of that, the volume really crowds out other communications and activities. 

Sure, you could flip to a model where users determine which emails should be synced - but I suspect that leads to NO emails in the system. So I'm looking for some ideas here - how could we define a workflow that allows capturing of emails - yet makes the actual use and collection of emails more "actionable"?

  • Admin deletion of non-essential emails from PD only? (cutting down on volume)
  • Allow creation of activities right from the email in PD?  (increasing value of remaining emails)
  • Better separation of email from other information (notes, activities) on the account record? 

Do we have some best practices here?