Hey everyone!Β 
Looking for some suggestions from this group regarding a tool that integrates with Pipedrive as I usually get some great feedback here.

We're looking for an email tool that allows us to:

Send direct emails manually to prospects
Send direct emails automatically
Send follow-up emails automatically under certain conditions (no clicks, no views, etc)
Do individual email tracking
Do campaign email tracking
Create and edit email templates, allowing to add buttons, attachments, etc. if needed
Send the emails through another email server than our own (so not a gmail integration)

Integrate directly in Pipedrive (preferably without our developers getting involved, so either direct integration or through Zapier) to capture all sent emails on person & deal level

Of course I've found some options such as Reply.io and SalesHandy, but would love to hear about YOUR experience and whether you have any good suggestions for me.

Thanks so much in advance, it's awesome to know I can always count on fellow Pipedrivers in this group πŸ™