I perhaps am seeking a unicorn.

We utilize Pipedrive as a project management tool. Each contact may have many deals.

 Reaching a stage triggers an email to be sent. However, every time the SAME contact has a new deal reach that same stage, we want them to receive a different email (in the mapping: If have received Email #1, then send Email #2. If has received Emai #2, then send Email #2). 

However, here's the next part that makes it tricky. We need the body of our emails to include personalizations that come from both the Contact fields and the Deal fields. 

We thought we had found a solution in Autopilot, but they can not personalize from the Deal level, which is critical to our use case.

is there anything out there that would allow for both the mapped/conditional emails, as well as Deal fields to be inserted into the emails?

Fingers crossed that the perfect answer is just eluding me...