I believe that it is relatively easy to EMPOWER Pipedrive lead capturing functions.

For either of "meeting scheduler" or "webform" completion of a lead, we need to have the ability to re-direct the lead to a specific URL of our own.

Currently, via Pipedrive, either of "scheduling a meeting" or "webform" completions are DEAD ENDS.

PLEASE add a feature after a meeting scheduling or webform completion, where we can either (and please both options):

  1. Send the user to a specific URL that we define at the back end
  2. Or, ask the user what to do next (with more options to choose from)

This will make PIPEDRIVE also a LEAD CAPTURE app with REALY SIMPLE and BASIC improvement suggested above.

Thank you for listening and I would much appreciate a "personal" message to believe that you heard me.